One Final Note

Happy New Year faithful beelog followers!

Gabriella and I have arrived safely in New Zealand and have been hard at work tending to the beautiful land here. For this new adventure in a new year, we’ve decided to merge our wonderful blogs into one unbelievable Franken-blog! If you’ve enjoyed following our travel stories so far, then click on the link below and sign up for the new one. We’ll be posting a full update on our travels shortly.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Here’s to even greater adventures in 2013!!

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2 thoughts on “One Final Note

  1. Mindi

    Franken-blog…Love it!! Signed up to follow, can’t wait for you to share the next phase of your journey. XOXO

  2. Dave Finchler

    You guys are adventurous, daring, hard working but mostly CRAZY. How dare you go travelling around the world like that and not take me with you? I become more and more amazed with each new blog that I read. I just can’t wait for the next one.

    Love ya both

    Pop-Pop & Sheila

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