Una wanna tuna?

I know…I know…it’s been a bit since the last posting. We took it easy in the sleepy little beach town of Unawatuna for about a week to let our bodies recover from all of the hiking. We moved slow, but the days moved fast. One day we took a trip to the town of Galle (5km away) to see the fort area, which was quite interesting. Other than that, we simply relaxed by the beach, got massaged, and ate delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. Gabriella also did a cooking class on our last day, which I’m sure she’ll recount in her G-log. šŸ˜‰

We left Unawatuna June 26 to go back to Colombo by train, then up to Negombo by bus (closer to the airport) and left for Bangkok by plane June 27. We’ve been immersing ourselves in pad thai and acclimating to the new culture. I’ll certainly have more to write in a few days to fill in all of the details. Don’t worry, we’ve been in good hands with my old friend Dustin!

For more Sri Lanka pics from everywhere except Arugam Bay, check out the link to my facebook albumĀ https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3674379492056.282996.1051984216&type=1&l=68e181471c

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One thought on “Una wanna tuna?

  1. Dave Finchler

    I am tired just reading about all your travels and I can understand how you must feel experiencing it all. How in hell are you finding the time to write all that? After reading about all your hiking and bus and train trips, MY legs are beginning to hurt. Can’t you just hitch-hike somewhere? I think that for Chanukah I’m going to get you a new pair of hiking shoes. Glad that you are enjoying it all, though. It certainly is a once in a lifetime experience.

    Stay well!


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