Ok, so the travel started a little earlier than planned… Gabriella and I came down to Orlando to surprise my sister for her 30th birthday yesterday. And boy was she surprised! Mike rented a condo out at Cocoa Beach for all of her friends to come and party. Even his sisters came down from Philly. There was no way I was missing this!

On Friday we went out to Epcot, since Gabriella had never been to FL. It had been a few years since I’ve gone to Disney and the attractions were pretty fun. Couldn’t have asked for better weather either. It was kind of funny how we had to sneak around so Shonna wouldn’t know we were in town.

Saturday morning we headed to the beach. Food and decorations had to be prepared before her arrival. Mike told her they were going to St. Augustine, but she never even noticed that they headed south instead of north. It helped that he told her to file his nails on the ride over. Good one! Once they arrived she was shocked to see Mike’s sisters. Then I came out and she was really surprised! Missions accomplished.

The rest of the day was spent lounging at the beach, throwing the frisbee, and playing a couple games of volleyball. Even a guy in a banana suit came to the party! Her friends are really fun and it was nice to party with everyone before heading to India. Pics are popping up on facebook as we speak. This morning Gabriella and I got up early and walked down to the beach for the sunrise. I couldn’t resist being this close and not catching a sunrise over the ocean. Classic Florida trip.

Tomorrow morning we head back to NY. I’ve got to finish packing, then meeting everyone at The Three Monkeys for a going-away party. On Tuesday I move my stuff into my Uncle’s basement. Wednesday is a flex day to relax and do any last minute shopping before flying out on Thursday. Only 4 more days…!

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